• Comedy Magician Ng Ka Wai

    Ng Ka Wai is a part-time comedy magician based in Hong Kong. Apart from his magic, he is also known for being a Henry Tang look-alike, and thus he is also known as “The Chief Secretary for Magic”. Since 2000 he has amazed thousands of audience with his unique and humorous performing style. He has a repertoire of both classical and innovative magic that is audience-tested to be entertaining and astonishing.

    Ng Ka Wai can perform for your group in Cantonese, English or Mandarin. Whether you want to deliver a special message in your event, market a product, boost employee morale or make your guests feel special about your event, Ng Ka Wai and his magic can help you achieve all these goals.



    Ng Ka Wai has joined a number of highly regarded magic competitions in Hong Kong. His creative mind and entertaining style of performance has brought him numerous awards. He appeared in "Street Sorcerer 2" (街頭魔法王 2) and "Magic Ring" (魔法擂台) of TVB and was rated "My Ultimate Favourite Magician" (我終極最喜愛魔術師) in the latter show. He was also the youngest champion ever in the Hong Kong Open Close Up Magic Competition, which was held once every two years.



    2nd Episode, Street Sorcerer 2, TVB

    TVB 街頭魔法王 2 第二集

    Magic with chopsticks, noodles, water, and an empty plate with pieces of shrimp shell.


    My Ultimate Favourite Magician, 12th Episode, Magic Ring, TVB

    TVB 魔法擂台第十二集﹣我終極最喜愛魔術師

    Magic with flowers, playing cards, a pair of disappearing trousers and an unexpected production of a wrench.


    My Favourite Magician, 2nd Episode, Magic Ring, TVB

    TVB 魔法擂台第二集﹣我最喜愛魔術師

    Magically vanished a borrowed ring and made it reappear inside an ordinary walnut placed in the most impossible location.


    2nd Runner Up, The 8th HK Open Close Up Magic Competition


    Original magic on a Monopoly chessboard, where tokens escapes from jail, houses appear, money transports, etc.


    Gold Award, All China University Magic Convention Close Up Competition (Beijing)


    Original magic with 3 Rubik's Cubes, a Rubik's snake and a borrowed banknote.


    Champion, The 6th HK Open Close Up Magic Competition


    Magic with banknotes, playing cards and a Rubik's Cube.


    "I love you the most!”

    - Lu Chen, International Magic Artist

    "One of the talented Hong Kong magicians, with a unique character and a creative mind! Ng Ka Wai has not only created magicial moments, but also surprises with his sense of humour!”

    - Albert Tam, President, Magicians' Association of Hong Kong; President, F.I.S.M. Asia Board

    "The first time I met Ka Wai I thought he was a geek. However when he went on stage, he was confident, humorous and he took charge of the entire stage. Just look at the amazed audience and hear their thunderous laughters, then you will see how amazing Ka Wai's magic and how popular he is!”

    - Frederick Yau, TVB "Magic Ring" Director

    "It was fun to have Ka Wai as our magician for our Xmas party for the past 2 years. No doubt that we would love to watch his performance in the upcoming years! Ka Wai’s magic performance is professional. It was so exciting that we could hardly make a wink during his show. Professional, amusing, humorous – this is Ka Wai’s style! The venue was filled with laughter during his show. We enjoyed it very much!”

    - Sherman Yan, Managing Partner, ONC Lawyers

    "The performance was just amazing, in fact, it became the key highlight of our event and everyone had such a good time, it's so entertaining and we all laughed so hard. Its one of the best shows I have ever seen. Good job Ka Wai!!”

    - Jackie Lui, Managing Director, Tat Petroleum (HK) Pte Ltd

    "I first saw Ng Ka Wai's performance in a university show, at that time i already thought he was a superb performer. His charisma attracted the audience before he even started performing. He has a nice image and his own style, which is humorous and caring. I saw myself in him when I was doing magic in university, but I'd say he should be better than what I was!”

    - Louis Yan, International Champion Magician

    "I was so amazed by Ng Ka Wai's performance in our company's X'Mas party that I re-invited him to perform in the biggest event for HKUEAA! Ng Ka Wai always surprises us with his unique sense of humor and captures the most memorable funny moments of our parties. All the audiences, not only ladies, love him and his performance!”

    - Carmen Au, Past Chairlady, HKU Engineering Alumni Association


    My goal is to make your event one that your attendees will remember. Here is a sample list of some of the groups/organizations I have done that for…

      蘇麗鐘錶有限公司 Zurich Watch Co. Ltd.
      景福珠寶集團 King Fook Jewellery Group
      無線電視 TVB
      大新銀行 Dah Sing Bank
      香港置地 Hongkong Land
      領匯房地產基金 The Link REIT
      彭博 Bloomberg
      亞洲萬里通 Asia Miles
      達石油 (香港) 私人有限公司 TAT Petroleum (HK) Pte Ltd
      品誠梅森律師事務所 Pinsent Masons
      特許公認會計師公會 ACCA
      中西區民政事務處 Central and Western District Office
      柯伍陳律師事務所 ONC Lawyers
      艾奕康有限公司 AECOM Technology Corporation
      禮頓建築 (亞洲) 有限公司 Leighton Contractors (Asia) Limited
      南華傳媒 South China Media
      東華三院 Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
      利記集團 Lee Kee Group
      味道月刊 2011 優質生活頒獎典禮 Lisa Living
      機電工程署 Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
      渣打馬拉松嘉年華 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon
      鼠戰中環 Central Rat Race
      香港傑出學生協會 Outstanding Students' Association
      國際青年商會香港總會 Junior Chamber International Hong Kong
      香港明愛 Hong Kong Caritas
      香港紅十字會 Hong Kong Red Cross
      香港業餘田徑總會 Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association
      中西區區議會 Central & Western District Council
      承師會 Hong Kong Back Up Society
      博師會 The Pathways Foundation Ltd.
      培樂園 Happiano Music Centre
      美樂坊 Melos Music Centre
      街角藝舍 Art-Channel
      香港大學專業進修學院 HKU SPACE
      香港工程師學會 The Hong Kong Institute of Engineers
      英國土木工程協會 Institute of Civil Engineers
      工程界社促會 Association of Engineering Professionals in Society Ltd
      香港大學 (及不同大學團體) The University of Hong Kong
      香港大學工程舊生會 HKU Engineering Alumni Association
      中文大學 Chinese University of Hong Kong
      香港科技大學 The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
      香港理工大學 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
      香港城市大學 City University of Hong Kong
      香港浸會大學 The Baptist University of Hong Kong
      聖若瑟書院 St. Joseph's College
      英華女學校 Ying Wa Girls' School
      瑪利曼中學 Marymount Secondary School
      聖保祿學校 St. Paul Convent School



    TVB Magic Ring Episode 2 (無線電視魔法擂台第二集):




    I have the real world experience in delivering magic under different circumstances. Here are examples of some frequently requested services:

    • Trade magic shows
    • Stage magic shows
    • Close-up magic shows
    • Street or Carnival magic shows
    • Table-hopping magic shows

    • Cocktail reception magic shows
    • Children's party magic show
    • Wedding magic shows
    • Charity shows
    • Magic coaching


    Standard Close-up Repertoire

    Standard repertoire for close up magic shows, in an entertaining style and with loads of audience participation. Award winning materials plus mind-blowing magic that happens inches before the spectators' eyes. Suitable for around 70 spectators or below, or walk-around and table-hopping situations.

    Standard Stage Repertoire

    Standard repertoire of a 30-minute or 45-minute stage magic show. Packed with time-tested magic which guarantees to amaze and entertain everyone. All materials are developed and refined in over 15 years of live performance. Perfect for annual dinners, shopping malls, weddings, seminars, theatre shows, etc.

    Customized magic

    Magic that are tailor-made for your event or custom-designed for any product that you wish to feature. Deliver ideas and concepts in the most amazing and memorable way. Witness magic happening on your own products. I have the experience in proper scripting and creating custom props which can meet your goals.


    I will be available on selected dates to perform for your group. For bookings and any enquiry, please send an email to info@nkwmagic.com, or use the contact form below. Whenever possible, please include the following information in your message:

    1. Date and time of your event
    2. A brief description of the event
    3. Location of event
    4. Size and type of audience (adult/children)
    5. Duration and type of magic required (Stage Magic/Close Up Magic)

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